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PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED \ Denmark

Blooper table lamp, fig purple

Blooper table lamp, fig purple


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The Blooper table lamp, designed by Mette Schelde for PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED, reflects a soft and cozy light behind the colored circular disc. In addition to filtering the light, the handy disc also serves as a switch and dimmer: by rotating the disc, you can turn the light on or off and also adjust the light intensity to suit your needs. The sympathetic Blooper table lamp is perfect for a windowsill or a bedside table.

Material 物料
Powder coated steel
Dimensions 尺寸
W 26cm X H 35cm X D 7cm
Bulb 燈泡
Integrated dimmable 10W LED 3000K
Other 其他
IP 20
Origin 產地
Designer 設計
Mette Schelde
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